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Jerry was ready for the end of the world.

He was ready to survive anything.
Or, at least, so he thought.

What is thought to be a deadly virus ravages the planet, leaving few survivors. In the aftermath, Jerry soon realizes that nothing could have prepared him to face the darkness of his own mind. He isn't ready for the group of strangers who look to him for salvation, and none of them are prepared to survive the horrors that await them, as they discover that the end of the world is only the beginning of their nightmare.


A self-proclaimed lone wolf, Spencer is a drifter who lives life by his own rules.
When he crosses paths with a young girl walking alone on the highway, his gut tells him to keep walking. He nearly passes her by, but there’s something familiar about her that he just can’t ignore.
Paige claims to have lost her memory, and Spencer finds himself drawn into a stranger's bizarre predicament. Against his better judgement, the pair set off on an unexpected journey to uncover Paige’s identity. When a jittery trucker and a roadside café prompt some terrifying memories, the truth of who Paige really is unfolds into a mind-bending nightmare.

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