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Jerry was ready for the end of the world.

He was ready to survive anything.
Or, at least, so he thought.

What is thought to be a deadly virus ravages the planet, leaving few survivors. In the aftermath, Jerry soon realizes that nothing could have prepared him to face the darkness of his own mind. He isn't ready for the group of strangers who look to him for salvation, and none of them are prepared to survive the horrors that await them, as they discover that the end of the world is only the beginning of their nightmare.


One year after the tragic accident that killed her husband Hank, Marielle is struggling to cope with her grief. Friends and family feel helpless as they watch the Marielle they all know and love fade sway under a fog of drug and alcohol abuse, and though she might not show it, Marielle feels the same; deep down, she's afraid that even she is incapable of stopping her downward spiral.

After a bad night out, Marielle hits a new low; stoned and drunk, she passes out on the side of a country road. Then, an unexpected stranger reaches out from the dark and helps her find her way home.

Nicolas has been haunting the earth for centuries. Once doomed to be executed as the son of an accused sorcerer in 15th century France, dubbed Le Fils du Diable, the Devil’s Child, Nicolas escaped death only to become ensnared in an even more horrible fate; one of eternal damnation. Marielle's world spins even more wildly out of control as she forges a dangerous and inexplicable bond with her new friend, soon discovering that Nicolas has not only strange powers but dark secrets that pose a threat not only to herself, but to everyone she loves.

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