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 Carry on the fight to survive with Jerry, Hannah, Regan, and the others.  New characters await within the walls of Winterhaven castle, including perhaps my favorite character of my writing career thus far, Franck Vasiliev.

Release date soon to be announced!

As always, thank you to everyone who has supported my writing career Health issues have slowed my creative progress over the last two years, and I cannot express how much appreciate my fans who are waiting for my next books to come out. To every single person who writes a review - you have changed my life.  To everyone who tells me to keep going, who expresses love for my characters - you mean the world to me. To every new reader who takes a chance on me and my work - I truly cannot express my gratitude. I wouldn't have made it this far without you.  Winterhaven would not exist without you.

- Rebecca

A plague of parasitic alien creatures has taken over the globe.  As the frigid cold of Canadian winter sets in, eleven survivors seek shelter within Winterhaven castle.

Pushed to the very edge of human endurance, will any of them survive the winter, and beyond?


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